MYTCHELL/mead . contemporary fine art . STEEL/wood
“The artist’s journey is an internal one. And the internal spaces are vast – and every bit as full of mystery and unexplored territories as the outer universes. Art in all its forms are attempts to map or gain insight on this internal universe, something as critical for our species to understand as our impact on the outer world.”









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My education is ongoing as I challenge my eye and mind to evolve the way they perceive and relate. I have apprenticed in a traditional way, gathering skills from an early age working with my father, a talented metal worker. Those skills combined with a yearning to draw out the overlooked beauty in a mundane material.

Although always an artist at heart, my formal education culminated with an MBA. Upon graduation I worked in high tech which sent me around world. Trips to Japan gave me an appreciation for Eastern thought and art. Europe instilled a classical regiment and South America brought out the desire to draw in earth and craft elements. Inspiration to create artwork came in the mid 1990’s when I left high tech and opened a bike store in Seattle. My store was next door to an artist-owned foundry and within a year the bike shop became an impromptu gallery for my early works.

In 2000 I sold the store and set off on my bicycle across the country, and eventually landed in New Mexico. There I studied with Argentinean Master Sculptor Alberto Castagna. In true classic form, Alberto first taught me to “see” with countless hours of figure drawing. He claimed that our eye is calibrated from birth for dimension, proportion, balance and relation by the human form. Regardless of composition, artwork produced by a trained eye will bear the qualities of beauty.

When the artist’s eye and skills are honed, all focus is to become a clear channel for the flow of creativity.

I now live and work in Colorado Springs, Colorado and show in galleries nationally.


The artists role is to open the gap toward our highest evolution; to explore beyond known and mapped territories. This path is marked by intuition, inspiration and feeling. When moving in the abstract I exist to aim for the essence of this realm.

For the most part it is in the indefinable that my work is born - an effort to communicate passion, inspiration, rapture, restlessness. My canvas of steel introduces an entire universe of chance and coincidence. The process is unpredictable, allowing the idea or image I hold inside to release itself in surprising ways, as a new expression of feeling. Only by releasing the mind does creativity flow through, coaxing the potential from the collaboration between chance and vision.

It is my hope that the work, like a map, carries the viewer into the realm of possibility from which it was born.

The art.

The image or effect on the steel is an intentional effort to draw out color and character hidden within. It is neither patina or etching, but rather coaxing. I use similar techniques and agents as those used to patina and etch, but with methods gathered from endless hours of experimentation. Although I begin each piece with an inspiration, I like to believe that what is produced is more about discovering the natural expression within than imposing my will and ideas upon the work.

I endeavor to freeze the process at its peak, when the image merges with the inspiration I hold inside. Needless to say, every piece is completely original and could never be duplicated.

Although my works are a frozen step in time, nothing is permanent and there may be a continual evolution in the image. It may march on through the centuries to achieve even more dramatic contrast.


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Gallery Representation, Recent Shows, Upcoming Events & Collections.

Renee Taylor VUE Gallery, Sedona, AZ
Horizon Fine Art, Jackson Hole, WY
Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Stowe Craft Art Gallery, Stowe, VT
Beyond the Perimeter Gallery, John Day, OR


Peterson Roth, Bend, OR, December-January Two person show 2017-2018
Featured Artist, Vue Gallery, Sedona, AZ, February 2016, 17
Featured Artist, Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery, South Lake Tahoe, CA, August, 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18
Featured Artist, Paul Scott Fine Art, Bend, OR, June, 2014, 15
Northwest Fine Arts Competition, October 2013, Seattle, WA
High Desert Museum, Art of the West, August, 2013, Bend, OR
Oregon Artists, Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, March-April, 2013
2 person Show, Paul Scott Fine Art, Bend, OR, April, 2013
Featured Artist, Silver Queen Fine Art, Park City, UT March 2013
Featured Artist, Paul Scott Fine Art, Bend, OR, November 2012
Featured Artist, Gallery 903, Portland, OR, August 2012
Featured Artist, July 2012, Lahaina Gallery, Bend, OR
2 Person Show, Alternative Café and Echo Gallery, April/May 2012, Monterey, CA
Featured Artist, June 2009, Lahaina Gallery, Bend, OR
Featured Artist, September 2008, Kebanu, Bend
Fall Festival Top Artist, Bend, OR 2007
Unity Gallery, Private Show, Fort Collins, CO 2006

Private Collection, 6 Installations, Jackson Hole, WY
Public Installation, What Are Records?, Boulder, CO
Private Collection, Gordon, 33 Installations, Boulder, CO
Private Collection, Hiesel, 15 Installations, Boulder, CO
Private Collection, Reynolds; 2 Installations, Taos, NM